Welcome to Mitchell Plitnick’s sports blog. Baseball and football talk, that’s what you’ll find here. The amount of each will vary depending on what’s in season, but expect a good deal more baseball. That’s my first love.


  1. Tony Tothe says:

    Hello Mitchell,

    Glad to see you now have a sports blog….Not too many leftists seem to enjoy sports like we do…As you know I love baseball but my first love is hockey….I’ve played my whole life…I am not much of a football fan but I was sure glad to see the Giants beat the 18 and No!!-Pats..It was a great game..The Giants played three of the bests games I can remember…I didn’t think anything could top the Packer game and then came the Super Bowl which was incredible….I agree 100% with your Clemens post especially the part about the idiots in Washington not having anything else to do with their time…Anyway look forward to your comments…I know they will be as penetrating and as insightful as your political commentary….Do your read Dave Zirin’s stuff? He is quite good. All the best.-Tony

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